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Alan Battistelli’s business, like many great businesses, started small nearly 30 years ago as he set out on his own as a contractor after graduating from Salem State College. He started with smaller jobs, and as word spread about his high quality craftsmanship and professionalism, the jobs snowballed into bigger and more frequent projects.

After creating a buzz around two spec houses that he built in Beverly, the phone calls began pouring in from customers looking for houses and large additions and remodels. From there, the business grew into what it is today – a highly successful and sought after contracting firm that hasn’t seen a day without business in the past 20 years.

Over the years, Alan Battistelli has had the pleasure of working with many customers multiple times as their families and houses have grown. With the surge in activity surrounding green construction and greener living, Battistelli has enjoyed staying on the cutting edge of building design trends and important construction issues. The company now offers low maintenance, eco-friendly building design with LEED certified materials.

Now expanding beyond Cape Ann, Battistelli’s business has grown from the original “Cape Ann” style shingled homes with wrap-around porches to the eco-friendly homes that customers are seeking today. High efficiency boilers, radiant heat for flooring and top-notch insulation are not uncommon when building a home to ward off New England’s winter months, and Battistelli is always up for something new and different.

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